After leaving teaching high school in 2000, and bouncing around the corporate management world for years life becameIMG_0702 a desperate day-to-day battle for survival. Depression, anger, great loss, intense love, unbridled passion, hollow hopelessness, wanting to belong, desire to live again… down to the bottom most sludge in the most dismal barrel… and back. Many friendships made, many lost. Many decisions made and many dreams shattered.

One dream persevered and is driven by an incredible passion for life, loving and living! Must be the Ukrainian Gypsy blood. An entire existence in the true-life training ground for photography and writing. These experiences are all drawn upon to lovingly create the art, the pictures, the writing for you to enjoy… maybe even love enough to purchase and display in your own personal environment.

Peter currently lives, works and surfs on the beautiful, rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Please visit  https://peterlerchphotography.smugmug.com  to view hisphoto galleries. Enjoy and if you wish to purchase any images please send him an e-mail plerchphotography@gmail.com  Thank you for viewing!



2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.
      I love the combination of easily accessible wild and clean city. I surf and spend much time out in nature pursuing my photography and remaining grounded.
      What prompted you to move to Seattle? It’s a beautiful city.


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