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The Dark PoolThe Dark Pool by Monika Carless

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I have mixed feelings about book reviews that I’m sure I do not hold alone. I read many different books from various gendres. If I begin to read a book and am not into it, what does that mean? Does it mean the same as reading a book that is pure shite? NO.
This is not a rant.

There are some books that are written in a style that has yet to generate a gendre. It could be a sub-gendre, no matter. This book, The Dark Pool, by Monika Carless is one of them. If you are used to reading fluff erotica or Penthouse Forum, then maybe stay to that… this book is in an entirely different league! I believe that a general gendre does not yet exist that this work could sensually slide into. Putting it ‘status quo’ under the vast umbrella of ‘Erotica’ is a protocol, yet an injustice. This series of books (there will be more!) will grow it’s own tribe of like minded souls and will be powerfully connected to the creation of a new gendre of writing.

I believe that I have become a member of that tribe… by compelling choice! I did not merely read this book, I lived every syllable, every intonation, travelled to those places in my dreams… I am certain that I am not the only one to ‘experience’ Monika’s work in this way! The love, passion and life with which Monika magikally infuses her words mandates the greatest high a reader could ever expect! The incredible intensity of the ache of desire to read more is almost numbing…

The Dark Pool is not some trite, sex-fluff material to be used to masturbate in a closet. That’s why we have material like Penthouse Forum, etc. There is a need and a place for all. Indeed, The Dark Pool is a culmination of lifetimes of relationships, magik, intense loves on a soul level, a deep non-conventional exploration of ‘forbidden’ human sensuality and sexuality. Reading Monika’s work allows us to experience all of these things on a different level. This book is so real it will have you examining your own life, sexuality and level of existence. Take a risk… put aside your trepidations… for an instant cut the shackles and chains that bind you to the altars of convention, and slide sensually into the depths of The Dark Pool yourself… dare you, you may become a member of the tribe!

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