Long Time… Does it matter…

It’s been a stretch. What have I been doing? Living.

Ok, doing my best to continue to enjoy the quality of life I have…

I used to be the person who took the life they had for granted. Yes, I lived, but I lived excessively and gave nothing back! I did extreme – and then some, I explored,  pushed my limits past their limits… way past medical limits… now, I have no regrets!

Or do I?..

This is where it gets tricky. I’m at that place now where my body is boldly telling me where to go and good doctors, ones whose words I trust to be as close to truth as can be, are telling me to stop. Stop doing. Stop ‘extreme sports’ now! they say, no, they exclaim!

Well fuck!      No!     What, you mean sit down, lose all my muscle mass and wait to die of your next expert diagnosis! Thank you from the most tender places in my heart, but no thanks. Sincerely.

“Ok, we can make an appointment to have you fitted for a knee brace that will help stabilize your knee… there are no guarantees…” Me, “does it do ok in saltwater?, Can I still surf?” Doctor, “I recommend that you discontinue surfing”. Me, “are you authorized to deal the death sentence in the province of BC, Canada? Doctor, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand?” Me, “it’s ok, give me the referral to the people who build knee braces.”

Well fuck… I refuse to lie down and give up! I will keep you posted. I’m sure there are some out there who identify with this… I hope I pass on the strength I need right now… much love ❤️ …and by the way, yes it does matter! It matters that we can choose to be who we want to be and to pursue doing the things that we choose to do. It also matters that I write more regularly to share with all of you. It’s that balance concept all over again, it’s so easy to break free and careen away from that elusive state of equilibrium. Here’s to sharing more of the moments and loving more within them. Namaste my friends.