Moments: Balancing the Journey

We are all on a journey, one that is simply referenced as ‘life’. Whether we choose to view it that way, or to even admit that to ourselves is of no consequence, it’s happening regardless. Of no matter is gender, colour, race or spiritual persuasion.

Interesting is how different people choose to indulge this simple fact. One may become so obsessed with what this journey should be that the actual journey itself is sadly unrealized.


Endless hours spent meditating over what ones true purpose may be, musing over whether what we are pursuing is in alignment with our true purpose in this life… meanwhile this journey is happening all along, each beautiful day and each wonderful night, all right there in front of us. By the time I fully acknowledged living in the moment I probably missed a total of years out of my life!

Someone coined the infamous expression, ‘we are not able to see the trees for the forest’. How many of us truly take the time to consciously acknowledge the individual moments that make up the cookie crumb trail of our journey? Oh, we don’t have the time!

Yes, we do have the time. We all do, we all have exactly the same amount of time each and every day. We all however make our own choices as to what we do with that time. Sometimes we require a kick-in-the-ass to remember why we are truly here… to live our journey one sweet moment at a time, to embrace those moments and allow them to profoundly imprint on our psyche!

Our journey is an intricate mosaic composed of trillions of moments, each having a direct impact on the next, with or without our conscious consent. Lets allow ourselves to take the time to experience a few of these moments today. In the big scheme of things it will be milliseconds out of our day that will occur regardless of our conscious choice to participate or not.


True living occurs when one makes a point to choose to participate in the individual moments that create the path that is our journey. No, it’s not always  beauty, iridescent joy and love. I understand fully that some of those moments have been, are and will be excruciatingly painful. But, I choose to acknowledge them as mine, as a part of my journey. Through consciously choosing to live even these moments we may truly appreciate the entirety of our journey. It is what allows us to continue to make choices that influence and lead us to a powerful sense of being involved in living our own lives… a sense of self-worth, if you may.

Lets choose to live a few of our many moments today… much love!

Peter Lerch, Writer/Photographer


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